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Ambiya Online : Flaunt Fashion With Designer Kurtis

by Dev Smith 09 Feb 2024
Ambiya Online : Flaunt Fashion With Designer Kurtis

Kurtis is a part of Indian culture that reflects the style of an Indian woman. The plethora of women’s apparel in the Indian market is attracting young girls, given the evolving style and fashion sense with each passing year.

Kurtis is a part of Indian culture that reflects the style of an Indian woman. The plethora of women’s apparel in the Indian market is attracting young girls, given the evolving style and fashion sense with each passing year. These types of women’s clothing are in demand and are very comfortable which is widely accepted and worn in India by women of all age groups.  

Given the current lifestyle, women are showing propensity towards fashion and so does their savviness for the growing fashion trend. Indians are slowly adapting the western culture and trends, splurging on their flamboyant lifestyle. Ambiya online highlights the aspects of these trends and culture that have been integrated into design of Kurtis.  

1. Jacket Style Party Wear Kurti

This Kurti can be seen as a floor-length Kurti having an outer jacket or shrug attached to it. In many cases, the length of the jacket coincides with the colour of the Kurti and is designed to meet floor length. Monotone jackets are extensively used in India to match printed Kurtis and its pairing goes well with leggings. 

This is the popular Kurti that most of the girls are seen wearing across the alleys. These are popular in online stores and are also available with a wide variety in Ambiya online store. Its design is curated in a way that it looks fitted in the upper body and goes loose-fitting while going to the bottom. Any woman can choose to wear it as it is suitable for all body types but mostly worn with leggings. 

This design gives your overall personality a turnaround as it is a well-designed Kurti that every girl loves wearing. Currently, the Kurtis designed with thigh-high slits seems to be catching more attention and getting trendy among girls of all ages. This type of Kurtis looks suitable and apt with pants, palazzos, jeans, and even dhoti-style pants. This style reflects the glimpses of the indo-western form of women’s apparel which is adopted by the majority of girls for its versatility. 

2. Unique hemlines Kurti

Ambiya online stores showcase hand embroidered designer dresses for its customers. If we place importance on the uniqueness of the clothing that we provide then, we have chic hemline style Kurti that signifies new style in this ethnic clothing designed for women. This design is an integration of Kurti with a bohemian style which is seen with the asymmetric cut. Playful hems are cut out as high-lows and are preferred worn with Dhoti style pants. 

These Kurtis are gradually becoming the center of attraction in the online stores nowadays and are sought out items that women from all walks of life are demanding for the trial of special occasions. Such Kurtis are made long, covering the major body parts and unleashing your natural beauty. 

This Kurti is generally brimming with a flowy material, making it unique and unprecedented as compared to other Kurtis that are already in vogue. The design is made in such a way that aptly fits the upper body as well as lower body, reaching your ankles and sometimes even touching the floor. 

3. Beautiful Indo-Western Long Kurti

This sort of Kurti being and stylish catches your attention and adds class to the simple Kurti. The exquisite design of the Kurti keeps your eyes engaged and perfectly gives apparel a formal twist. The size of the Kurti can be designed as per the requirement of ladies and depends on the girl wanting to wear it with other women’s clothing. 

These Kurtis come in the form of a multitude of sleeves, ranging from full to sleeveless. The Kurti can or can have buttons that are not necessary. If aristocratic had a name, it would be stylish Kurti designs that top the list with their uniqueness and exquisiteness. This modern indo-western Kurtis are curated in a way that wherever you go, they leave imprint of your beautiful personality in the eyes of beholders. The growing number of ladies is opting for such kurtis that contribute to enhancing your overall look. It is fastest emerging as a new trend in the market. 

All these Kurtis and others not listed here are widely available at Ambiya online store, you can contact us anytime.

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