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Comfort Fashion, The Ethical Way

by Dev Smith 09 Feb 2024
Comfort Fashion, The Ethical Way

For the longest time, top fashion brands across the world believed that fashion’s primary goal was to make you look good. It was about creating an impression with little regard for comfort. However, in recent times, that notion has changed. Further popularised by the work-from-home-culture, comfort has become an essential part of fashion now. Consumers opt for garments which are vibrant, offer great styles and are also comfortable. But, did you ever wonder what makes a garment comfortable? Is it the fit of the garment or the fabric used? Fabric and fit both play a major role in making a garment breathable and light. Nature based Cotton fabrics are naturally free- flowing, breathable and offer a flattering drape, loose and smart fit makes it an ideal choice for fashion alongside comfort. What makes Ambiya garment so comfortable? Ambiya garment provide ultimate comfort to the wearer due to its inherent attributes of:

  • NATURAL FIBRES: Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries. Every piece of clothing has a negative impact on the planet. Except ours. Linen is a durable natural fibre derived from the flax plant. Cotton is the world’s most widely used natural fibre and still the undisputed “king” of the global textiles industry. Hemp natural fibre is called bast and is one of the most valuable parts of the hemp plant. The bast are the fibres which grow on the outside of the plant stalk. It is these fibres that give the plants strength.
  • SWEAT WICKING FABRIC: Sweat-wicking fabric pulls moisture away from your body, through the fabric so it can evaporate. This wicking action helps keep your body dry and cool, even during hot weather or while you’re sweating. Meanwhile, breathable fabrics allow air to pass through it freely
  • BREATHABILITY: Breathability is defined as the ability of a fabric to allow perspiration, evaporated by the body, to escape (diffuse) to the outside (termed moisture vapour transmission), thereby allowing complete comfort.
  • DURABILITY: Strong and durable fabric is one that can withstand heavy or regular use without being damaged. When you think of a strong, durable fabric, it’s easy to be drawn towards heavyweight fabrics. Materials like upholstery fabric or canvas are both contenders for being strong and durable.
  • SIZE FLEXIBILITY: We support the slow fashion movement & when we say that, we actually stand by it. Our outfits, have a Fabric Margin of 2inches on each side, of the garment on the inside so if someone chances to gain a few inches or lose some, they can have it altered to their liking & still strut it, without the guilt of discarding it altogether.FITS ALL BODY TYPE We are all for Body Shapes & Sizes. We at Ambiya, believe in being realistic, we understand the Indian Body Type & our outfits are fabricated in a manner that, it suits everyone regardless of them being heavy or skinny, it’s a style everyone can adapt. 1. Drape and Flow: Garments made with Ambiya Fabrics, drapes so well that the garments move with you. They take the shape of you, hence making them ideal for every body type. 2. Luxurious Softness: Ambiya fabrics enriched with Excel fibres are not just soft but are as soft as crème. They have a great sheen to them as well! 3. Feather-light: Ambiya fabrics enriched with micro fibres, are extremely fine, which makes garments as light as feather. 4. Resilient: Ambiya fabrics enriched with fibres are high in strength, yet soft on skin. The garments don’t cling on your skin, giving you the freedom to move. 5. Naturally free-flowing: Being nature based, Ambiya fabrics are naturally free-flowing and keep you fresh, all day long. The high breathability of these fabrics results in less sweat and odour.


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