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Summer with ambiya

by Dev Smith 09 Feb 2024
Summer with ambiya

Summer decor ideas are all about bringing joy and happiness into the home as well as celebrating the colours and views of the season. Whether it’s spent at home, in the verandah or travelling to exotic locations, summer is a joyful time which brings happy memories for all, so why not reflect some of this happiness onto your interiors?

With the neighbouring trunk glowing in full glory and bursting with colour, nature is a good place to start when it comes to mood boards and inspirations. To bring the outside inside, choose bold florals and lush botanical prints and embrace hot, vibrant colours or stick to mild pastels & to complete the look be sure to add in plenty of plants and fresh flowers.

To get you inspired in giving your home a summer refresh we’ve gathered an array of joyful decor ideas which will bring summer magic to your abode.

1. Decorate in Sheer Sunshine Curtains 

Bring enchanting eastern influence into your homes with these exquisite sheer curtains with intricate appliqué work. These elegant drapes can be paired with complementing blackout curtains to let just enough sunlight into your living spaces while giving your homes a royal twist.

Decorating choices are a natural reflection of the times we are living in, there is a real desire for joyful, welcoming and optimistic shades which has been reflected in the rise of sunny and energetic hues.



2. Add Zest to your Kitchen with our Dish Towels 

If there’s anywhere in our home that needs to feel joyous and uplifting it’s the kitchen; as it’s an everyday space we spend lot of time in, it is important for the space to make us feel happy.

Go for this extra-soft dish towel from the house of Ambiya. Bluebell has an exquisite print to enrich your kitchen experience.

In Frame : Bluebelle Dish Towel

Link :

3. Introduce Bold Florals 

Often occasional spaces which are reserved for entertaining, dining rooms are a great place to be bold with summer decor and floral prints are guaranteed to make an instant statement. To bring wow-factor consider papering in a large-scale floral

print to your dining table you could even go full on chintz by adding in matching curtains.

Stand out by embracing Fancy Vine Table Cover from the house of Ambiya and enrich your dining experience. It has a minimalist design and beautiful colour combination. Made with 100% cotton, that is easy to maintain, we offer a palatable range of rich designs in tempting colours. Through Ambiya dining table covers, get a taste of the traditional coupled with the modern through intricate techniques, like hand block printing, surface ornamentation, hand weaving & more.

In Frame : Fancy Vine Table Cover

Link :

4. Style up a Sunroom 

Make the most of the warm weather by styling up your sunroom with summer decor for a dinner party.

Throws humanise the most inanimate of spaces and shake off pretence from the plushest of settings. With the comforting touch of irresistible range of throws from Ambiya, give your sofas a sprawling down time. Lounge in the cloud-like softness of our organic, hand-woven fabrics as they wrap you up in their balmy embrace. Our unique range of trendy throws are threaded in the timeless art of hand block printing among other traditional techniques. Perfect for the living room sofa or your bedroom couch, these throws are not just tempting to snuggle in but also a delight to behold.

In Frame : Beach Sand Throw

Link :

5. Fill in the House with Plants & Flowers 

Summer is truly one of the most beautiful times of the year, so why not take inspiration from nature and add beautiful flowers and plants into your home? Not only will they look and smell beautiful on display, they’ll also make you feel good. Being surrounded by plants and nature is proven to have a positive impact on our wellbeing and will brighten your day in more ways than one.

6. Try a Nautical Theme 

Whenever you picture summer decor ideas, it’s hard not to think of a beautiful room inspired by the beach, the sun shining and the blue sky & sea. Incorporating this type of theme into your home interiors is a really effective way to bring the summer season into your home. There’s nothing like a trip to the seaside to soothe the soul, so why not inject some coastal calm into the bedroom for a truly restful space?

In Frame : Cloud Daze

Link :

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