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Bespoke Experiences whilst making Sustainable Choices

by Dev Smith 09 Feb 2024
Bespoke Experiences whilst making Sustainable Choices

Indian Millennial women are the key drivers of consumers markets. They are fiercely independent & financially stable, which in fun, assists them to make informed choices. An average millennial woman’s economic independence is what drives her financial decisions & shapes her spending habits. With financial independence comes the responsibility of being mindful consumers. While millennial women are spending on luxury, they are also drawing up budgets for themselves & getting their priorities straight. One has the freedom to choose where & how they want to spend their hard earned money, be it high quality products & experiences or conscious choices, whilst avoiding impulse buying. Most of one’s purchases when it comes to the women of today comes down to mindful planned purchases that are not triggered by FADS rather Ethical Factors.

Sustainable Fashion is a trend that has redefined the meaning of luxury for many, especially women since they are more active on spending on luxury products when compared to men. Millennial women who often tend to be luxury shoppers are discerning for them luxury shopping is therapeutic as they feel fulfilled when they buy a rare, exclusive product. They also expect luxury brands to be environmentally conscious & take a stand on sustainability race & gender. What one has observed is that female luxury consumers don’t want to belong to a herd now, they rather want to be heard visually by their shopping choices. They are more educated & welcoming towards the concepts of sustainability, recycling, handmade products, ethical consumerism, mindful spending, thrifting & these are some of the prime reasons that has led to redefining the meaning of luxury shopping.

The future is female & our female species have taken upon themselves to change the narrative of picking up articles & making conscious choices, right from colleens to matrons. We acknowledge the endeavour that goes into the craftsmanship. The literature has demonstrated a higher affinity towards local public transportation and sustainability for women. Men, by contrast, show a higher affinity towards cars, technology, and innovation, all that falls under Quick Trends.

When asked about town, it has been derived that women are much more conscious then men,

Among the findings:

  • Among the top priorities for women with their purchases is that a product comes from sustainable sources, followed by recyclable packaging.
  • For 83 percent of women responding the product selection depends on what is written on
  • Women’s top requests included products that help consumers reduce their environmental footprint, products with clearly displayed information about a company’s environmental and social standards and brands taking steps to help the environment.
  • Women want to invest in socially-responsible companies (88 percent of women surveyed) and more products made with women in mind (71 percent of women surveyed).
  • Less than half of women surveyed are satisfied with sustainable options. So it’s quite clear the Future Is Women with a Breath of Sustainability


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