About Us

About Us


More than anything it was a calling to contribute. In that exact moment when AMBIYA was given birth to; a brand that answered our calling; an initiative by us, Shilpi & Lavanya. Today AMBIYA is more than a fashion house, it’s a platform that caters to Home & Living, Decor Items, Clothing & Accessories.

Someone has rightly said, the job of the artist is to deepen the mystery. At the crux of our respective careers, we found ourselves contemplating the mere reason behind our existence & what was it is that we as individuals were giving back to the society?


At Ambiya we share everything, material used, process of making, direct cost, indirect cost, place of origin, who made your product, fair wage of our artisans all with 100% transparency at heart. This gives our artisans, employees and consumers a better understanding of the thought process behind the brand and how it functions.


We at Ambiya are all for Traditional Craft. Our brethren of artisans and designers are grounded in myths, lore & heritage,whilst keeping up with changing times and innovation. With our roots firmly grounded in ancient artistic wisdom and craft, we aim to incorporate contemporary designs to suit the current trends. We bring you the offerings, lovingly handcrafted with responsibly made virtuous, skin-safe fibres that are sustainable.


We believe in reducing the carbon footprint. We don’t merely give lipservice to reducing our carbon footprint but it’s deeply etched in our core. Every Ambiya product, reaches you in an attractive, biodegradable packaging. Lots of thinking goes behind each and every detail we use seed tags which when planted turns into a plant. Materials are safe to use, degrades quickly and often made of recycled paper.


Giving back to mother earth and contributing to society is our core value. Taking this initiative further we collaborated and took help from multiple organisation & NGOs to plant trees. Proud to say every month we are growing strong, thank you all for the much needed support.