For the longest time, we buried our souls into ancient textile traditions to bring you something pure, premium & forever vogue. Our toil finally bore fruit with Ambiya, where timeless traditional techniques meet modern sensibilities and style.

At Ambiya, our brethren of artisans and designers are grounded in myths, lore & heritage, whilst keeping up with changing times and innovation. With our roots firmly grounded in ancient artistic wisdom and craft, we aim to incorporate contemporary designs to suit current needs. We bring to you offerings, lovingly handcrafted with responsibly-sourced, virtuous, skin-safe fibers that are sustainable.

Ambiya draws from the strength, purity, longevity & resilience of nature to create contemporary pieces with universal appeal. Inspired by ethics and driven by care, our craftsmen weave their magic onto organic textiles, add trendy twists and bring you the very best in a sustainable fashion. With its feet firmly planted in ‘slow’ fashion, Ambiya abides by the significance of cloth creation that’s ethical and freeof toxic chemicals. Our craftsmen and resourceful designers have joined hands to put forth the art of apparel made with minimal waste.

We believe in complete fabric waste reduction and optimally utilizing the whole width of our raw material. Our unique stationery items, key chains, cutesy toys & dupatta tasselsare craftily appropriated from leftover trims, in line with our Zero-Waste Policy.

We don’t merely give lip-service to reducing our carbon footprint, social responsibility is deeply etched in our core. We ensure that our process remains non-toxic, cruelty-free and unadulterated.

Every Ambiya item, not only reaches you in attractive, biodegradable packaging but also employs eco-friendly and safe printing methods, with natural dyes and Azo-free colors. All Ambiya products are locally made with the aim of facilitating fair trade and boosting higher levels of equality, transparency, respect & satisfaction among our artisans.

Motivated by yesterday, present in today & conscious of tomorrow, we are Ambiya.

PLEASE NOTE :- Your safety is our priority. All standard WHO guidelines and relevant precautionary measures are in place, to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience for you. We are delighted to start the deliveries in all serviceable locations within India, under permissible government directives. For any further assistance you can reach out to us at customercare@ambiyaonline.com